Improving Education
I believe every child in South Carolina deserves a great education. Right now, South Carolina is ranked among last in the nation in education and there is very little being done to mitigate this systemic problem. As your State Senator, I pledge to do everything I can to decrease state testing, put more money in the classrooms instead of at the administration level, and pay our teachers what they deserve. For me, this issue hits close to home as I have young children who will be old enough to start school in the next few years. Lack of education is a fundamental root of a variety of problems plaguing our state. Educating and empowering our children gives them the tools and resources they need to make wise decisions. I believe a new focus on vocational and technical training is the best solution. As your State Senator, I want to make these needed changes and invest in the children of South Carolina.
Corona Virus and the Economy
Every person in our State, Nation, and even across the globe has been affected by the novel Coronavirus. For my part, as a candidate for the S.C. Senate, I’d like to look down the road and focus my efforts on developing a plan to rebuild and grow our economy. Just a few short months ago, our economy was setting records—we were experiencing all-time highs—and I fully intend to work to bring it back to that capacity. To do this, we need to work with our partners at the federal, state and local levels to help those who have lost jobs rejoin the workforce. This involves encouraging and empowering small businesses to reinvest in our economy by cutting taxes and eliminating regulations that have proven onerous and useless. This time is far too critical to allow government regulations to stifle our recovery. Failure to act appropriately could result in years, not months, to recover from this unprecedented incident.
Growth & Infrastructure
The Midlands’ population is growing rapidly. It is projected that 1 million people will live here by 2035 and double that by 2050. As your State Senator, I will work to ensure the growth in our district does not overwhelm our area. In order to do that, I will make sure we have sufficient and efficient roads and infrastructure; I will cut red tape for small businesses to make sure they stay in our area; and I will fight to attract qualified businesses and industries looking to locate to our area who can provide good-paying jobs. I believe we need to revitalize the commercial districts we have, not just grow into new ones allowing the old to become dilapidated. We need tax incentives to rehabilitate or restore older, dated buildings, as opposed to focusing exclusively on building new developments. Our Government should be an asset to business, not a hindrance.

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